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Coastal and Visitor Area PSPO ‘signed and sealed’ for three years

Following the approval of Full Council on Thursday 14 July 2022, a Coastal and Visitor Area Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is officially in place at locations across Sefton.

The order is to help ensure the Borough’s coastline and town centres can be enjoyed by everyone. Activities covered by the new PSPO include littering and pollution, fires and BBQs, dog fouling, balloons or lantern releases, and anti-social behaviour. Failure to comply can result in a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice.

The order will be in place for three years, until summer 2025.

Feedback from local communities, visitors and partner agencies, gained through a public consultation, was used to shape the Order, which provides enforcement powers to protect the public from anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Lappin, Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services, said:
“Firstly, we fully appreciate why so many people are so keen to visit our beautiful Borough and we want everyone to enjoy their time here.

“The vast majority of visitors and residents do just that and treat our wonderful coastline with respect and our residents with consideration, and the introduction of this Order, will have very little or no impact on them.

“However, it will help to make clear what is and what isn’t acceptable and will give our teams, along with those of our partners, greater powers to deal with that very small minority who behave inappropriately and cause distress and disturbance to local residents and businesses, or damage to our precious natural coast and infrastructure.”

Tracie Trubshaw, Chief Inspector at Merseyside Police said:
“During the summer months we know that many people will want to visit our fantastic beaches and beauty spots in Sefton and we know the overwhelming majority will do so responsibly.

“Introducing the Public Space Protection Order will help visitors and residents enjoy our coastline safely, throughout the summer and beyond, by making clear what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable.

“Our officers will be working with our partners at Sefton Council to make sure that people can have a good time at our beaches and beauty spots, free of anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“Rest assured acting in an anti-social manner should expect to be dealt with robustly and we will support our partners in their work. If you have any concerns, please speak to our officers out on patrol, or call 101 so that we can take action and keep our communities safe.”

Sefton Council is encouraging all those who visit Sefton, as well as people who live, work in the Borough to familiarise themselves with the Order. They can do this by heading to where they will find the full list of restrictions and the locations that fall within the order.

Coastal areas means the beach and the land next to the beach which is open to the public, including land owned by other partners such as the National Trust, Natural England, RSPB and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. This includes:

  • sand dunes and grassed areas
  • woodlands and marshes
  • ponds and lakes
  • promenades
  • car parks
  • play areas
  • buildings like toilets and shelters

Town centres included in the order are:

  • Southport (area includes Kings Gardens, Lord Street, Eastbank Street and Promenade)
  • Formby (area includes Formby Village Centre, Andrew’s Lane, Formby Bridge, Kings Road, Duke Street Park)
  • Crosby & Waterloo (area includes Crosby Town centre, Moorside Park, Coronation and Alexandra Parks, Victoria Park, St. Johns Road, South Road, Waterloo/Seafront gardens)
  • Bootle (area within the boundary of parts of Merton Road, Litherland Road, Washington Road and Marsh Lane)

Some of the restrictions include:

  • Pollution: Leaving litter, dog fouling, urinating/defecating in public, or noise pollution
  • Vehicle related antisocial behaviour; either within defined car parks or taking motor vehicles outside of defined parking areas.
  • Drinking alcohol in a public space after being told not to by an Authorised Officer to prevent anti-social behaviour (this is not a total ban)
  • Lighting any fire or BBQ
  • Taking a dog into a dog exclusion zone, or allowing its behaviour to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to another person
  • Setting off fireworks, balloon or lantern releases

Signage will be installed across the Borough to make sure people are aware of their responsibilities while they enjoy their time in Sefton.

Explore the ‘Walk This Way’ route in Crosby Coastal Park to help reduce dog fouling and littering

As Love Parks Week continues, Sefton Council is joining forces with Keep Britain Tidy to call on dog owners across the city to bag and bin their dog’s litter. As part of this new measures are being introduced at Crosby Seafront to help reduce dog fouling and littering.

Sefton Council’s Green Sefton service has teamed up with Britain’s largest canine charity, the Dogs Trust, to draw up a series of dog-friendly walking routes at Crosby Coastal Park.

Two dogs in a park on leadsNew maps have been installed at Hall Road in the north of the Park and by the south end of the Marine Lake showing suggested routes and highlight the position of ‘poo bins’ for dog owners. This is part of the Trust’s national Walk This Way programme.

Also, the bins have been marked with “Bag that poo” stickers and helpful arrow signs highlighting the possible routes a dog walker could take around this open site.

The Park is one of the most popular sites along the coast, and home to Antony Gormley’s globally famous “Another Place” art installation.

While many dog owners visit the coast responsibly and clean up after their dogs, dog mess can still be an issue on many sites. As a result of Sefton Council’s recently-reintroduced Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) on dog control people not picking after their pets can find themselves receiving a fixed penalty notice or fine.

The Order includes dog littering such as leaving poo bags behind, which is something more than one in ten dog owners admit to doing.

Crosby Coastal Park is one of 6 new sites participating in the Dogs Trust’s national Walk This Way programme, which is now in its third year. The Trust works with Keep Britain Tidy and local Councils to help keep public spaces clean from dog mess.

Green Sefton walk along Crosby beach

Cllr Ian Moncur Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said:

“Crosby Coastal Park, which is home to Antony Gormley’s globally famous “Another Place” art installation, is one the most popular sites along Sefton’s 22-mile nature coast.

“By introducing the new Walk This Way dog walking routes around the park and highlighting the locations of bins, we want to make it easier for dog owners to work with us to keep it a beautiful spot for visitors and local residents.

“We appreciate that most dog owners are responsible and do clear up after their pets but for those who aren’t, we do have a PSPO in place and we will take action against them.”

Michelle Moat, Community Education & Engagement Officer at Dogs Trust, said:

“Walking a dog is a wonderful pastime with many health benefits for both owner and pooch.

“However, part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring you pick up after your dog and suitably dispose of the waste. Previous interventions have shown that by having more bins available, clearer signposting and messaging that ‘Any Bin Will Do’ has dramatically improved the surrounding areas.

“We are excited by the potential of our Walk This Way routes and can’t wait to see the improvements it will make. Hopefully it will be a long-term change to the area and make the space more enjoyable for everyone.”

People can find out about Sefton Council’s Coastal and Visitor Areas Public Space at

Mayor of Sefton reopens transformed Thornton Park after improvement works

Sefton’s Mayor, Cllr Clare Carragher, officially opened the new children’s play area at Runnells Lane Park on Monday 1st August.

Cllr Carragher also planted a new cherry tree with Deputy Lieutenant Mr Michael Braham as part of the Queens Green Canopy Campaign marking the Queens Platinum Jubilee Year.

Following much needed improvements to its play and recreation facilities, as well as its paths and landscaping, Runnells Lane Park is now fully open to the public.

The works have been complete in time for the school summer holidays, and families will be able to enjoy the new children’s play area and refurbished multi-use games area.

The improvement works will also include the installation of a new bin and benches for the play area. While people of all ages can enjoy spending time in the greenspace thanks to the new path that has been created around the edge of the site.

The aim moving forward is for a further phase of works to begin in Autumn. This will see new trees planted around the boundary of the park to improve the local environment and support wildlife. While a new tree avenue will be created along the existing footpath. In addition, it is hoped that a new wildlife friendly meadow can be established on part of the site.

Cllr Carragher, who was joined at the park by ward councillors and cabinet member Cllr Ian Moncur, said:
“It’s great to celebrate the reopening of the park, knowing the positive impact this will have on the local community, and I’m certain the new play area will be very popular with local children.”

Cllr Ian Moncur, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said:
“This is the only public park in Thornton, and it provides an important community space.
“It’s fantastic to see improvements that will benefit people of all ages in the area.

“A big thank you to the Green Sefton and Neighbourhoods teams who have worked to bring this project to fruition.”

Funding to create the improvements was secured from Veolia Environmental Trust, which supports community projects across the whole of England, by using Manor Ward Section 106 planning funds as match funding. The project was delivered by the Council’s Green Sefton service in partnership with the Council’s Neighbourhoods Team.

Local residents have expressed interest in forming a Friends of Runnells Lane Park group who would undertake volunteer duties and support events and activities. Those interested can contact Green Sefton by email


Mini Planet protectors unite to help clean up Seaforth

A team of dedicated ‘Planet Protectors’ have begun the first stage of a huge clean up operation in the Church Ward area of Seaforth.
The clean up crew, made up of pupils from Rimrose Hope Primary School, teachers, councillors and volunteers, have taken to the streets of Church Ward to clean up unsightly litter from their community.
Led by ward councillors and funded through Sefton Council, the summer Church Ward Clean-Up programme runs until August 31st and encourages youngsters from around the area to help clean and tidy the area where they live.
Pupils from Rimrose Hope, dubbed the ‘Planet Protectors’ were tasked with identifying a number of different locations which they believed were in need of cleaning. 
Areas identified included
•    Kings Park
•    Gordon Road
•    Corinthian Street
•    Thomson Road
•    Sandy Road

Lawrence Crilly, Head Teacher at Rimrose Hope, said: “The children take their responsibility for caring for our world very seriously. They know that caring for our world begins with caring for our local area.

“It was great for the children to meet many other local grown ups on our walk setting a great example for them to follow. They met Cllr Cummins of Church Ward, John the ‘Sweeper’ who keeps our streets clean come rain or shine and French, the barber, who is supporting the campaign by giving haircuts to the cleaning crew!”
Cllr Paul Cummins, a Sefton Council Cabinet Member, Church Ward Councillor and Chair of Governors at Rimrose Hope, said: “We wanted to use the summer holiday period as an opportunity for the community to get together and improve the area where they live.
“Working with the ‘Planet Protectors’ from Rimrose Hope, we identified a number of grot spots that will now be cleaned and tidied through a number of litter picks, which take place every Wednesday during the summer holidays.”

Fellow cabinet member and ward councillor Cllr Daren Veidman added: “As a reward any children who attend and help at two or more of these litter picks will receive a voucher for a free hair cut from a local hairdressers and a family pass for a show at the Plaza cinema!
“At our first clean up we collected more than 12 bags of rubbish. Not only did we clear away common litter items but we also removed TVs, a bike, bricks, wood, scaffold poles, footballs and more which had been dumped or left out in public.”
The next Church Ward Clean-Up event will be held on August 3rd at Gordon Road, with the junction of Rawson Road, from 10am.

Chances to ‘have your say’ in Sefton

Have your say on issues you care about in SeftonSefton Council’s commitment to delivering high-quality services to residents, workers or visitors to Sefton means we regularly consult our communities when making decisions about our services.

We engaging our communities when making changes to the delivery of existing services and inform them of the changes that take place as a result of them giving their views.

You can find out more about Sefton Council’s commitment to consultation here.

By doing this the Council aims to: 

  • support our communities to get involved in the public services they receive;
  • know and work with our communities and understand their needs;
  • hear from those who may experience discrimination or who are vulnerable; 
  • make sure we involve our communities in identifying issues that are important to them; 
  • ask our communities whether or not we have achieved the things that are important to them;
  • work with other partners when we want to speak with or listen to our communities.

At the moment there are three public consultations that people and organisations can use to have their say.

These are:

  • The draft Sefton Economic Strategy (closes Wednesday 17th August)
  • The Sefton Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Survey (closes Sunday 11th September)
  • Climate Change Engagement Consultation (closes Friday 30th September)

You can find our  more about these consultations and have your say here.


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