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Sefton’s simplified online renewals services for taxi driver & vehicle licencing remains in place

A queue of taxi cabs waiting for customersSefton’s taxi drivers are being reminded that despite the relaxation of some COVID-19 restrictions, vehicle licence renewals are still being processed through a simple e-mail service.

Ten-day turnaround

We aim for a turnaround of ten working days for the renewal of vehicle licences with a high proportion being processed more quickly. We ask that as much information regarding vehicle renewals is included within the subject line of the e-mail enabling us to prioritise our workload.   

Driver licences continue to be considered for auto renewal for a period of six months. A number of licence holders will be invited in for interview if a new DBS check is required, Immigration status check is required, a Medical check is required or there are pending criminal matters.


Cllr Paulette Lappin, Sefton Councils Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services said: “Since the start of the COVID pandemic, to ensure the safety of drivers and its own staff, the Council has been carrying out online renewals rather than the drop-in system at Bootle One Stop Shop.

“Infection rates show that the coronavirus is still very much with us, so the online process remains in place for now.

“We have a 10-working-day-target for the process and the majority of applications are being done more quickly.

“And, owners can apply for renewal of their plate 28 days before their current one expires so there should be no reason why anyone should be without a plate.”

To renew, all drivers need to do is email a copy of their Mechanical Fitness Test, which they get from one of the Council’s authorised testing centres to Their application needs to be accompanied by an image of their application form, their V5 Registration certificate and evidence of insurance.

The Council then collects the fee from the driver over the telephone and the renewal certificate is sent to them.


Cllr Lappin added: “As with many of our services, Sefton Council quickly adapted the way we managed taxi vehicle and driver licence renewals to ensure the safety of drivers and our own staff.

“This has mean that the popular drop-in service that took a few minutes, which drivers had got used to now takes a little longer but with a 28-day lead-in time for renewals, no-one need miss the deadline.

Since taking renewals online to prevent the chance of COVID-19 spreading, between drivers, with Council staff and with taxi users, Sefton has processed around 9500 renewals.

Cllr Lappin continued:

“Inevitably taxi drivers in Sefton have had to get used to a change from the drop-in, face-to-face process they have been accustomed to but the vast majority of them have adapted and have been using the system without any problems.

Find out more about the application process on the Sefton Council website.


During the pandemic, Sefton Council has distributed close to £1,000,000 in grant funding through two sets grants to support taxi drivers who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 4,000 taxi drivers licensed in Sefton, and who live in the Liverpool City Region, were eligible for an initial £100 support grant followed up by a further £200 support grant.

Call for those with a love of the outdoors to take part in Green Sefton customer satisfaction survey

Sefton Council’s Green Sefton Service loves the Borough’s parks, greenspaces, playgrounds, sports pitches and beaches just as much as its residents, which is why they want the community’s views on their management of these vital outdoor spaces.

The customer satisfaction survey is now open for contributions until 31st October 2021 and can be easily completed online at  

Green Sefton Rangers will also be out and about over the next fortnight at popular parks and coastal locations, to help gather feedback and encourage people to submit their thoughts online.  

Customer satisfaction survey for Sefton's Green Sefton Service has been launched and people can take part of visiting the your sefton your say website

Cllr Ian Moncur, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said:

“Sefton has 22-miles of stunning coastline, more than 30 parks and around 180 open spaces. All these places have been more popular than ever over the pandemic for residents and visitors as people have enjoyed spending time outdoors.

“We have an incredibly passionate workforce who look after these sites, many of whom are experts on conservation and environmental issues. They work side-by-side a network of enthusiastic volunteers and community groups who together ensure our outdoor spaces are great places for people, animals and plants to thrive.

“It’s really important that we take time to stop and reflect on what has been an incredibly busy and demanding 18 months, and so conducting the survey at this time will allow us to make informed decisions on our management and development of the service area over the next few years.”

Feedback will be gathered from people who use Sefton’s parks, open spaces and coastal gateways to see how they rate the services provided by Green Sefton and to set a baseline for future customer satisfaction surveys.

The survey also looks to provide an understanding of the expectations of visitors which needs to be balanced with the Council’s commitment to managing recreation pressure on the Sefton Coast. The Council must also fulfil its legal duties under the Habitats Regulations to protect these internationally important nature sites.

Cllr Moncur added:

“We have faced backlogs and delays to many of our normal maintenance schedules this summer, as we’ve continued to feel the effects of the pandemic. We know that some of our outdoor spaces are not looking up to their usual standards, which people may well reflect on when answering our survey.

“But the management and maintence of our greenspaces also needs to take into account the need to reduce the impact of climate change moving forward, and how we can boost our biodiversity so that rare species and habitats are not lost.

“We are interested in opening this dialogue with our residents as part of this survey, so that together raising the standards of our outdoor spaces doesn’t just mean regular mowing and pruning, but more sympathetic and sustainable approaches that benefit both people and planet.”

Once the consultation period has concluded, the results will be used to inform and shape management and development decisions for the Green Sefton Service, for example where resources could or should be directed, to maintain and improve satisfaction levels.

Merseyside Police launches new officer identification protocol for people who are visually impaired

Merseyside Police has launched a new way to help people who are visually impaired confirm whether a person at their door is a police officer.

Anyone with any form of visual impairment can use the verification protocol, which is made possible by the Police Contact Centre, either over the phone or by the attending officer using an agreed password.


There are two instances when the protocol can be used. The first is when someone with a visual impairment, rings 101 or 999 to ask for police attendance at their address. In this scenario, a password is chosen during the call and the officer who calls at the address will use this password to verify their identity.

The second scenario is when someone with a visual impairment needs to verify the identity of a police officer who is calling at their address although they have not dialled 101 or 999 to request police attendance. Whether it’s a planned visit or not, the occupant can call 101 and give details provided by the officer to the police call handler to verify their identity.

Carers and anyone who provides support to someone who is visually impaired can also use the service.

Details about the Visual Impairment Protocol are being distributed to people across Merseyside who are visually impaired, by councils and other organisations including charities.

More information can be found on the Merseyside Police website.


All police employees (including those in uniform) carry an identification or warrant card, but it can be difficult for someone with a visual impairment to make out details of a uniform or to see a photograph or details on a card.

Superintendent Mark Wiggins of Merseyside Police described the protocol as an extra layer of security and assurance for potentially vulnerable people. He said: “The person with the visual impairment is safeguarded by verifying the identity of the police officer, before letting them into the premises. This verification is facilitated by our contact centre, either over the phone or by the attending officer using an agreed password.

“Similar initiatives have been implemented by other forces across the UK and we have adapted the protocol for use in Merseyside. Examples of good practice like this are shared between forces at a national level and we recognised the protocol’s potential to enhance our accessibility and support for vulnerable members of the community.”

He added: “The partnership approach taken to develop the Visual Impairment Protocol for use in Merseyside is a good example of preventative policing. It’s about problem solving and reducing the risk to vulnerable members of the community becoming a victim of a bogus caller who purports to be a police officer.”

Simple but effective

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell said: “It’s vitally important that police officers and staff who go to the door of a victim or witness are able to identify themselves.

“This simple but effective process provides greater security and safeguarding for visually-impaired members of our community, ensuring they can have confidence that the person coming to the door is who they say they are and can be trusted.”

“I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to introduce this worthwhile scheme here in Merseyside and I would urge anyone who knows someone with a visual impairment to let them know about this useful protocol.”

Find out more.  

Still time to have your voice heard in Ainsdale-on-Sea consultation

Sefton Council is urging its residents and beach visitors to take the opportunity this summer to put forward their views for how the Ainsdale-on-Sea coastal gateway could be improved for all.

Images of Ainsdale asking for people to take part in a public consultation
Images of Ainsdale asking for people to take part in a public consultation

Already more than 300 people have taken part in the public consultation, but further voices are welcomed to ensure that as many people as possible can help to shape future proposals for investment in the area.

During 2020, an extensive consultation with residents, business owners, visitors and young people took place as part of the now successful Southport Town Deal bid. It was recognised by a large number of respondents that the beachfront area at Ainsdale-on-Sea is in need of investment to improve its facilities for residents and visitors alike.

The current consultation runs until 30th September 2021 and asks for views on the wider development of the coastal gateway including the Sands Lake and Hotel area, Toad Hall and Ainsdale Discovery Centre.

It is also an opportunity for residents and regular beach users to offer ideas for how Ainsdale-on-Sea could be improved for all, from better traffic management to projects that would ensure Ainsdale’s rare habitats and species are able to thrive.

Cllr Ian Moncur, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said:

“We recognise the need to create high quality visitor infrastructure at a number of access points along the Sefton coast, to drive growth within the visitor economy and provide a high-quality visitor experience. This will also reduce visitor pressure on our coastal communities as well as areas of high conservation value – protecting our special wildlife and landscape.

“Ainsdale-on-Sea has been recognised as one of these key access points and we are keen to hear what our residents would like to see prioritised as we draw up our development plans for the area to complement the investment already underway.”

Ainsdale beach food and drink concession trial, B-Eat On The Street, manager Alex with Cllr Ian Moncur and Green Sefton staff earlier this summer
Ainsdale beach food and drink concession trial, B-Eat On The Street, manager Alex with Cllr Ian Moncur and Green Sefton staff earlier this summer

Many visitors to Ainsdale this summer will have already seen some of the initiatives being funded by the Council to improve the experience for beach goers, showcasing the possibilities being explored that could form part of the longer-term rejuvenation of the area.

A posh fish and chip pop-up has proven incredibly popular and will continue to serve up food and drinks at the beach until the autumn. Meanwhile, award-winning street artist Paul Curtis is part way through transforming the exterior of Toad Hall with a vibrant mural – the largest commission he’s ever undertaken.

Cllr Moncur added:

“People can take part in the consultation through our ‘Your Sefton Your Say’ online survey and we’ll also have staff on the ground throughout the remainder of the busy summer season capturing the thoughts of the community and visitors.

“Following the consultation, the plan is to start looking at the next stages for development, based on areas of priority. This phased development will realise the potential of Ainsdale-on-Sea and reflect the aspirations, opportunities and constraints associated with this important location.”

People are urged to complete the online survey on the Your Sefton Your Say portal and have until the end of September to take part:

Swab squad – latest!

Swab Squad
Swab Squad

Our Swab Squads are out at Sefton’s rail stations and other venues over the coming week, providing free, rapid COVID tests, information and advice.

Operating from 08:30am – 04:30pm:

  • Monday 23rd August – Aintree station
  • Tuesday 24th  Augutst – Blundellsands station
  • Wednesday 25th August – Asda Aintree
  • Thursday 26th August – Blundellsands station
  • Friday 27th August – Asda Aintree
  • Saturday 28th August- Blundellsands station

Mobile testing units are also deployed at locations across the Borough.


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