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Upcycle group help pull the plug on irresponsible fly-tippers

A bathtub which had been irresponsibly fly-tipped in Sefton has been given a new lease of life after being ‘upcycled’ into a floral planter.

The acrylic tub, which had been dumped on the roadside, was used on the council’s social media channels to raise awareness of making sure people report fly-tipping to the local authority.

The bathtub which was found fly-tipped on the pavement

Southport based eco-firm Plughole Planters contacted Sefton Council to ask if they could take ownership of the bath and ‘upcycle’ it into one of their famous bathtub planters.

Once completed, the transformed bathtub planter was generously donated to the North Park Community Gardens group, where it will now be filled with colourful flowers in time for summer.

Steve Smith, Sefton Council’s Environmental Health & Trading Standards Manager, said: “Fly-tipping is never acceptable, however we would like to thank Plughole Planters for their fantastic efforts in transforming this unsightly dumped bathtub into a beautiful and environmentally friendly planter.

“There was never any need for this bathtub to be dumped in the first place as upcycling groups like Plughole Planters, as well as charities, would put them to better use.”

Morgan Griffin, Managing Director of Plughole Planters, said: “We were delighted that Sefton offered us the chance to ‘upcycle’ this unsightly piece of fly-tipping.

“It was lovely to meet with Ali Horton of the North Park Community Garden where the planter will now be proudly displayed and filled with beautiful flowers.

“Fly-tipping is unsightly and anti-social. There are so many responsible and eco-friendly ways to get rid of your unwanted household items and this is a happy ending to an otherwise unsightly and illegal act.”

Residents are encouraged to report any instances of flytipping via Sefton Council’s website. For more information visit

To find out more about the Plughole Planters visit