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Sefton Council stage fly-tip to raise profile of the issue locally

This week Sefton Council has launched a campaign to tackle the epidemic of fly-tipping that is affecting communities up and down the country.

#CrimeNotToCare, which is being run in partnership with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, aims to educate householders about the right thing to do with their rubbish and to reduce the amount of household waste that is fly-tipped by rogue traders who offer to take people’s waste away for money and then dump it.

The campaign aims to spread the message that if an individual’s waste is fly-tipped, even if they gave it to a third party to dispose of, they can be prosecuted and end up with a fine and a criminal record.

To raise the profile of the issue locally, the Council’s Green Sefton service hosted a staged fly-tip in Poets Park, Bootle made up of items collected from the area.

Keep Britain Tidy Poets Park fly-tipping stunt

Twenty black bags, three bed frames, a fridge freezer, washing machine and pram were among the items found fly-tipped early Tuesday morning on streets surrounding the Park.

The items were dressed in crime scene tape to raise awareness of the environmental damage of fly-tipping and start conversations between Council staff and the local community on ways to combat this issue collectively.

The Council’s Cleansing team were on hand to dispose of the fly-tipped items in a timely manner following the stunt.

Cllr Moncur, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “At this time of year, many residents may be spring cleaning their homes and having a clear out. We need our residents to understand that their rubbish is their responsibility.”

Cllr Lappin, Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services said: “Crime Not To Care campaign highlights the fact that residents can be taken to court and fined for giving their waste to an unlicensed waste carrier, who then goes on to fly-tip the items.

“Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and we want to remind residents that both littering and fly-tipping can lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution.”

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “#CrimeNotToCare is an important campaign for our country and we are delighted that Sefton Council is partnering with us on it.

“There are almost a million fly-tipping incidents in England every year and cleaning it all up costs us more than £50million a year.

“Giving it to a ‘man with a van’ who offers to get rid of it cheaply could prove costly for people and result in them getting a criminal record. They have a duty of care and this campaign will help explain to them exactly what that is and how to protect themselves.”

Householders using private contractors to remove household, garden or construction waste must make sure the company or individual is a registered waste carrier. Residents are advised to:

Ask the person who collects your waste to see their registration – it should start with CBDU, followed by a set of numbers. Take a photo if possible.

Ring the Environment Agency on 03708 506506 to check their credentials or visit their website:

Ask where they’re proposing to take your waste and if they have a waste transfer note.

Don’t pay cash. Ask for an invoice and pay by a secure payment method or cheque, so payments can be traced if the waste is fly-tipped.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you’re hiring a skip, the average cost should be around £150.

Never agree to cold callers offering any type of home improvements work, roofing, gardening services, tree surgery or household waste removal.

Not checking if you’re hiring a registered operator could be more expensive in the long run, as householders can face an unlimited fine for failing to hire an authorised waste carrier.

You can expect to see a ‘Waste Carrier Registration’ for these types of businesses:

  • All building and associated trades;
  • Landscape gardeners, tree fellers and surgeons;
  • House clearers;
  • Retail establishments and;
  • Scrap metal dealers.

Residents can also dispose of their waste at Sefton’s Household Recycling and Waste Centres run by the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority. Find the locations and site opening times here.

Alternatively, Sefton Council also operate a Bulky Waste collection service. Find out more here.

Green waste collections update

Following the bank holiday in place for the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19th September, a number of alterations have been made for the collection of green waste.

Residents in the south of the Borough who had a green waste collection scheduled for Monday can expect to have their waste collected on Saturday 24th September. This affects residents in:

  • Litherland
  • Netherton
  • Seaforth
  • Bootle


Residents in the following electoral wards in the north of the Borough can also expect a collection on Saturday 24th September:

  • Dukes
  • Birkdale
  • Kew Ward

Our waste collection crews will be working hard to ensure that collections will go ahead with the least possible disruption. Extra collections will be in place week commencing Monday 26th September to collect green waste from all other affected areas not already listed above.  Please present your bin for collection accordingly.

We’d like to thank residents for their understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Green Waste Collection Update – Monday 19th September

Due to the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19th September, green waste collections normally scheduled for that day will be rescheduled for a later date.

We will update those within the areas affected by the change with an alternative collection date in due course.

We would like to thank residents for their understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

All other scheduled collections from Tuesday 20th September onwards remain unaffected.

New refuse and recycling collections for Sefton

Changes to Sefton’s refuse and recycling service mean residents at thousands of homes across the borough will receive new brown and grey wheeled bins.

The bins replace sacks previously delivered to residents and will be collected on alternate weeks, with brown recycling bins collected one week and grey residual bins collected the next.

Around 4,000 households in Linacre, Derby, Litherland, Ford, Church, Blundellsands, Netherton and Orrell & Victoria are receiving bins as part of the new scheme.

The aim of the initiative is to create cleaner neighbourhoods across Sefton, reduce the risk of vermin and fly-tipping and introduce a safer, more hygienic system of storing household waste prior to collection.

Collections of wheeled bins begin the week commencing Monday October 26 and a calendar of collection dates will be delivered to those homes receiving the new bins, along with instructions on how to use the new service.

Households with a garden will also receive a green garden waste bin. Details of collection dates for garden waste will be on a sticker attached to the green bin lids.

Head of Highways and Public Protection for Sefton Council, Peter Moore, said: “We are pleased to be rolling out this successful collection system, already enjoyed by most Sefton residents, to these properties.

“This will result in immediate benefits to the local environment and has been welcomed by the majority of households for whom this new system represents a significant improvement on current collections.

“Introducing the new bins will mean people will no longer need to leave refuse bags out for collection, which will also help reduce the problem of fly-tipping in those areas.

“We will still provide assistance with wheeled bin collections to anyone who received help with refuse sack collections, and anyone who cannot put bins on the kerb edge for collection due to infirmity or disability can also apply for extra support.

“And, we will be ready to step in to help any of the households benefiting from this new service if they experience any issues as we roll out these improvements.”

“There is lots of helpful information on the Sefton Council website at which explains the process and provides a calendar of collection dates.”

People can find all the information regarding wheeled bins collections on Sefton Council’s website at:

Important information about the new collection service

  • Bins should be presented on the kerb edge outside properties by 6.30am on the morning of collection, and once emptied your bins must be put back within your property boundary.
  • Lids of bins must be fully closed when out for collection.
  • Residents must not put any extra bags of general waste or recycling at the kerbside next to the bins, these will NOT be collected.
  • All recycling can go together in the brown bin. Recycling should be left loose in the bin with no carrier bags inside.
  • Green garden waste bins can be emptied up until 8pm on collection days. Details of what can go in garden waste bins and collection dates will be displayed on bin stickers.

New blue bins for glass recycling approved

At their meeting today (Thursday 3 September), Sefton Council’s Cabinet approved the procurement of new wheelie bins for glass recycling.

With the Government requiring some items of recycling waste to be collected separately as part of its new Environment Bill, Sefton Council is planning new, separate glass collections. This is due to the weight of glass collected, which is around 7,000 tonnes annually. Collecting glass separately produces much higher quality material which can be used for closed loop recycling, and used for re-melt rather than aggregate, making it infinitely recyclable into new glass jars and bottles.

The quality of the other materials (paper, cardboard and tin cans) collected in brown bins will also be much higher delivering better quality material for recycling, this is vital in improving recycling in the UK, allowing it to be reprocessed in local facilities.

Purchasing 100,000 new, blue wheelie bins will be required to achieve this plan. The cost of this and the updating of the cleansing vehicle fleet will be offset by £400,000 of recycling income generated annually over 10 years from the Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority, as a result of Sefton Council removing glass from its general recycling collections.

Peter Moore, Sefton Council’s Head of Highways and Public Protection, said: “This change to collecting glass recycling items will make a positive contribution to Sefton’s Climate Change Strategy as well as to the Region’s environmental impact.

“I realise it will mean we are asking residents to separate out their glass items from other recycling but residents across the Borough have been supportive of recycling and our climate change agenda, particularly as it as a way of us keeping down costs too.”

In its Environment Bill, which could become law in late 2020, the Government is asking for one ‘core’ item of recycling to be collected separately. Having reviewed the core items, due to weight of the product, the ease with which it can be separated and the potential for generating income, Sefton proposed removing glass from the current brown bin collection.

The new bins will be procured through a competitive process for delivery in February and March next year. Separate glass recycling collections would start in March and April.

Mr Moore added: “This fits well with other actions we are taking to improve waste storage, collection and recycling. This Autumn we will be providing wheeled bins to approximately 5000 houses that currently rely on black bin bag collections. and, in early 2021 European-style, communal bins to approximately 5000 others where a wheeled bin isn’t practical.”

Peter Moore also thanked Sefton Council’s cleansing teams whom he said had made a ‘sterling effort’ to provide the Borough’s residents with regular refuse collections throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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