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Sefton Health & Wellbeing Chief’s jab reminder on UK’s vaccination anniversary

NHS message saying 'Get Vaccinated, Get boosted, Get protected'.With today being the anniversary of the UK’s first COVID vaccination, Sefton Council’s cabinet member for public Health, Cllr Ian Moncur is urging people to make sure they are up to date with their jabs and boosters.

Best protection

Cllr Moncur, who will be chairing a Sefton Council Health and Wellbeing Board meeting today, said: “Vaccinations still, without doubt, provide the best clinical protection for all of us against the COVID-19 virus, which is still spreading in our communities.

He continued: “If you’ve missed your first jab, get it now. If you’ve missed your second jab, get it now or as soon as you can.

“And if you’ve had both, book your booster if you are already eligible, or keep an eye on the latest information from the Government who have said all eligible over-18s will be offered a jab by the end of January.”


Everyone aged 16 and over can get a first and second dose of vaccine and most young people aged from 12 to 15 are currently being offered a first dose.

People can book an appointment by visiting  or calling 119.

It was on the 8th December 2020, that 90-year-old grandmother Maggie Keenan from Coventry became the first person in the country to have a COVID vaccination. However, a year on, almost 20% of people across Sefton aged over 16 still have not had any vaccinations.

Never too late

Cllr Moncur added: “When we went out recently to talk to people about vaccinations, we found many people thought that because they had not gone to the appointment they had been sent, they thought they had missed their chance.

“The message is whether it’s your first, your second or your third, booster jab, it’s never too late to get vaccinated.”

People can visit to find out how to make an appointment and to find a link to their nearest vaccination centre.

Global study

Earlier this month, Sefton Council’s Director of Public Health Margaret Jones, Sefton reminded people that mask-wearing is still hugely effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Commenting in the light of a global study, reported in the British Medical Journal, which has shown mask-wearing reduces incidence of COVID by 53%, Margaret Jones said: “Mask wearing is incredibly important in preventing us from spreading and catching the COVID and particularly so as even those of us who have been vaccinated can still carry and pass on the virus without feeling any ill effects ourselves.

Mrs Jones described masks wearing as ‘a minimal effort that can do so much to prevent ourselves, our friends and loved ones and others from COVID-19 and other seasonal viruses such as flu.


Sefton Council is also urging anyone who shows COVID symptoms of a raised temperature, persistent new cough or a loss of taste or smell, to get a PCR test by should book a PCR test by calling 119 or visiting

People who are out and about are still advised to carry on using rapid home test kits, which are available from pharmacists, twice a week.  If a rapid test shows a positive result they should then isolate and book a PCR test.

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