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Statement: Southport Skate Park

Sefton Council have issued the following statement regarding Southport Skate Park following a number of comments online.

Cllr Ian Moncur, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said:  “Let me be clear there are no plans at all to permanently close Southport Skate Park.

“On the contrary in fact, the council continues to invest in this much-loved community asset. However, our skate park is made up of 4 professional structures of a specialist construction and shaping, and of course since they were installed wear and tear has inevitably occurred which means that they will need to be replaced.

“We have already ordered four new ramp structures and while we await delivery and installation of these, we have temporarily closed the park to ensure no one is hurt.

“We expect all the work to be completed in January, usually the quietest time of the year for the skate park, meaning less disruption for users.

“I’m pleased to hear that local people feel so strongly about Southport Skate Park, and always welcome people’s views on the use of council facilities such as this. I’m glad that the skate park is valued by so many.”

“I must say, anyone who has ignored the very clear signage we have installed on the site and has taken it upon themselves to climb the fencing, determined to use the skate park while it’s closed, it is putting themselves at risk of injury and is behaving irresponsibly.

“Rest assured, once the brand-new ramps have been installed, Southport Skate Park will remain open for many more years to come.”