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#PawsForThought: Abandoned and terrified dog rescued from Sefton shopping precinct

Sefton Council is joining other local authorities in asking residents to give ‘Paws for Thought’ this Christmas before making a commitment to buying a dog, after a young puppy was found abandoned in a borough shopping precinct.

The adorable yet terrified puppy was rescued by Sefton Council dog wardens after being found wandering around Stella Precinct in Seaforth earlier this month (November 2).

Sadly the puppy, now nicknamed Kenny by his rescuers, was left unclaimed and he is now being put forward for adoption to a more loving owner via the Merseyside Dogs Home.

Kenny is just one of a nearly 150 stray dogs which have been abandoned or lost in Sefton in the last year through no fault of their own. 

He will now receive a thorough TLC package including inoculations, nourishment and a warm kennel.

Sadly Kenny, while being physically fine to be rehomed, is suffering emotionally and shows signs of heightened anxiousness and fear as a result of his abandonment. 

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “Sadly some people still regard dogs as a disposable item and some of the dogs we rescue are found to be in such a horrific state of neglect.

“In exceptionally rare cases, the heartbreaking and difficult decision is made to put an abandoned dog down. This can include dogs which have been fatally injured, show irreversible aggression to humans and other animals, or are found to be banned breeds.

“Across the region, dog wardens are forced to make difficult decisions because of by neglectful and unforgivable human behaviour.

“We are hopeful that Kenny will recover and find himself in a loving home in time for Christmas but the message needs to be clear; a dog is for life and a huge responsibility to take on.

“If you are not prepared to, please do not adopt or buy a dog you cannot or do not want to look after. 

“Please give ‘Paws For Thought’ this Christmas.”

Sefton Council works closely with Liverpool, Halton Knowsley and Animal Wardens Ltd in its dog warden scheme and all utilise the support of the Merseyside Dogs Home to help give unwanted and stray pets a new home.

Last year alone the four councils and Merseyside Dogs Home managed to rehome nearly 400 stray dogs.

For more information about Kenny or any of the other dogs at Merseyside Dogs Home, please visit