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Do you know your rubbish responsibilities?

Sefton Council is reminding residents across the borough of their duty of care when using doorstep salespeople to get rid of household waste.

The plea follows an incident whereby three sofas and a bed were dumped outside South Sefton Recycling Centre on July 16.

Environmental Officers are now investigating and are confident that they will find those responsible.

Many residents hire third parties to take away household waste and large bulky items from their properties – but most do not know the rules and regulations that cover these types of waste disposal.

By law, individuals are required to make sure the individuals or firm removing their waste is authorised to do so and is registered with the Environment Agency as an official waste carrier, and uses an approved trade waste site.

It is also vital to retain the name and address of the person or firm disposing of your waste.

If flytipped waste is traced back to a particular property, the householder could be fined if they cannot properly identify who they used to get rid of their waste.

Similarly, residents should also be cautious of any door-to-door salespeople offering their services for work to be done on or around a property.

Cllr Paulette Lappin, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulation and Compliance, said: “Recently we have experienced issues with members of the public not complying with their legal responsibilities to ensure any waste they produce is removed by a registered carrier.

“This can be from a doorstep call, social media or shop noticeboard but the responsibility is with the household to check they are legitimate first before they employ them.

“Too many residents are employing people to take waste away which is then being flytipped in the borough.

“Householders are required to make a simply check with the Environment Agency in order to ascertain if the person that they are passing their waste to is a registered waste carrier.

“Ask to see their waste carrier license issued by the Environment Agency or contact the Environment Agency directly on 08708 506 506 and ask for a free instant Waste Carrier Validation Check. Alternatively you can check online on the Environment Agency website.

“Even after you’ve checked, keep their details so that if flytipping does occur, you can show that you acted responsibly.

“You can do this is many ways, such as asking for an official invoice or a form with all of their details on.

“If they are not prepared to give you their details, don’t employ them. Always consider getting a number of quotes for any pieces of work or ask friends and family for recommendations.”

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