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Bootle Bucks back Sefton’s Year Of Friendship campaign

A football club in Sefton, created solely to encourage youngsters with disabilities to get into the sport, is backing a council led campaign to celebrate the importance of mental and physical well-being.

May marks Sefton’s Year Of Friendship’s ‘Active’ month, where the local authority celebrates community groups, teams, individuals and organisations who promote healthy bodies, minds and flourishing friendships through keeping fit, playing sport and more.

Sefton Council’s campaign is being supported by a number of groups and organisations across the borough, including Bootle Bucks Inclusion Football Club, who have been leading the way in inclusive sporting events since 2018.

John Rice, Chairman of Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC, said: “We started the team in April 2018 with a view of giving a handful of kids with a disability an opportunity to play football.

“Since then Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC has really blossomed into a huge event. Now we have up to 70 kids every Saturday turning up to play football.

“But it’s not only football and fitness, it’s friendships that the children have made. They all stay over at each other’s houses, going out for days out and more!

“The parents are meeting up as well outside of football so what started out as just a footballing idea has really turned into a massive family now really which is absolutely fantastic.”

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