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Rogue businessman fined £2.6k in Sefton flytipping case

A rogue businessman has been fined nearly £2,600 after Sefton Council discovered he had dumped piles of household waste in the borough.

 Julian Royd Furley of Riddock Road, Litherland, was found guilty of flytipping at South Sefton Magistrates on Tuesday, November 21 where he was ordered to pay £2,593. 

 The fine was issued after household waste including patio doors, old rugs, pieces of shed and even Christmas tinsel was found dumped outside the former Muncaster Pub on Irlam Road, Bootle in August.

 Sefton’s Environmental Enforcement Health officers had managed to trace the rubbish back to a number of residents from Kirkby and, subsequently, discovered that the rubbish had been handed over to the defendant on the condition that it would be responsibly disposed of. 

 Had they not managed to trace Furley, officers warned that because of a household duty of care, the prosecution would have been taken against the residents whose waste had been flytipped.

 Cllr Paulette Lappin, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulation and Compliance, said: “This case once again highlights the importance of making sure you know who is disposing of your waste and that you have the evidence to prove it. 

 “If flytipped waste is traced back to a particular property, the householder could be hit with a huge fine if they cannot properly identify who they used to get rid of their waste.

 “The responsibility is with the household to check the firm or person they employ are legitimate and registered with the Environment Agency. 

 “Too many residents are employing people to take waste away which is then being flytipped in the borough.

 “Luckily in this case we were given firm evidence of who disposed of the waste which led to a successful conviction.”

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