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Council responds to circulation of misleading documents on Orrell Mount Park consultation

Sefton Council has responded to reports that misleading documents are being circulated about its consultation on a new masterplan for Orrell Mount Park.


After doctored versions of Council leaflets and other items emerged, a Sefton Council spokesperson said: “It is disappointing that rather than allowing people to express their views on the masterplan for redeveloping the whole of Orrell Mount Park, some people opposed to it are doctoring documents in order to influence and mislead those who may wish to take part.

“Having listened to local people, the Council has drawn up the masterplan and engaged leading specialist management consultancy FMG Consulting to carry out the consultation so that everyone, including those who disagree with the proposals, to put forward their views.


“It seems, however, from doctored leaflets and other documents being circulated that whoever is producing them is seeking to influence the outcome of the consultation by misleading people and, perhaps, trying to discourage them from having their say. This includes telling them how to answer the consultation questions rather than enabling them to express their own views, and including answers they suggest people copy and paste for certain questions.

“The final masterplan will be dependent on the outcome of the consultation and what people tell us they want, which is exactly why, in line with how the Council has redeveloped other parks in the past. The Council have purposefully highlighted that funding is not confirmed for some elements. However, as has happened previously, once we have seen the outcome of the consultation, we will then seek funding to deliver what people have told us they want.


“We would encourage everyone who has a view on the future of Orrell Mount Park to visit where they can find authentic information and provide their feedback.

“Three drop-in sessions about the proposals were held on Thursday 9th June and three more are planned for Monday 11th July.”

You can find out more here.