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May start for Council consultation on selective and additional licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

In May, Sefton Council will be a carrying out a public consultation on its proposal to extend its Selective and Additional (HMO) licensing schemes for a further five-years.

Under the scheme, private landlords in some parts of Sefton have been required to licence their properties since 1st March 2018. It ends on 28th February 2023.

Further five years

In December 2021, Sefton Council’s Cabinet agreed to consult with residents, private landlords, businesses, and other stakeholders on proposals to re-designate their Selective and Additional (HMO) licensing schemes for the further five-year period from March next year until March 2028.

The 12-week consultation will start on Monday 9th May 2022 and will cover the proposals to re-designate Selective Licensing across Bootle. It will also include proposals for Additional (HMO) Licensing across parts of Seaforth/Waterloo/Brighton-le-Sands and central Southport.


As a result of the current licencing schemes, Sefton Council has been able to make improvements in the standards of management by private landlords and the living conditions for tenants.

Extending the scheme for a further five years will enable the Council to build on this success and bring about further improvements in landlords’ management practices as well as in property conditions across the private rented sector to benefit tenants and the communities affected.


Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said: “Thanks to the Selective and Additional (HMO) licensing schemes, we have brought about significant improvements to the standards of management and property conditions in the private rented sector in the parts of the Borough where the scheme was introduced.

“Through re-designating the licensing schemes, we can build on the improvements already made and will continue to engage with landlords to realise our vision of creating strong and resilient communities and the opportunity to live in good quality homes.

“We remain committed to make these areas safe and attractive places in which to live and through the proposed redesign of the licensing schemes we are seeking the full co-operation of landlords and their tenants in making this happen.”

Further details on the proposals and consultation will be available closer to the Monday 9th May start date.

Anyone wanting to be kept updated on the proposed licensing schemes, can contact

You can find out more about Additional (HMO) Licensing in Sefton here.