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Six fined for littering across Sefton

Six people have been found guilty of littering in Sefton, leading to convictions worth over £1,600.

 Residents from Southport, Crosby and Croydon were convicted of littering at South Sefton Magistrates Court at a hearing which took place on Tuesday, October 10.

 All six defendants were found guilty in their absence. They were:

 Robert Hayes, 22, of Salisbury Street, Southport; fined £272

 Vasauskas Egidijus, 48, of Alexandra Road, Southport; fined £272

 Jane Brierly, 59, of King Street, Southport; fined £272

 Michelle Hoyte, 43, of Bilsworth Street, Litherland; fined £272

 Jone O’Hare, 44, of Carrfield Avenue, Crosby; fined £272

 Mustapha Fouladi, 18, of Hogarth Crescent, Croydon; fined £272

 A spokesman for Sefton Council said:

“Dropping litter is an offence, no matter how big or small an item is.

 “All residents and visitors to our beautiful borough are responsible for correctly disposing of their own waste and we will not hesitate in following court proceedings for those who simply ignore this.  
 “People need to think twice before just throwing their waste away and court cases like these highlight what can happen if you are caught. Either take it home or use a bin.”