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Sefton marks World Environment Day and urges people to do their bit for the environment

This World Environment Day, Sefton Council is urging people across the Borough to do their bit to help protect the environment for generations to come.

As part of the Council’s Climate Change Emergency declaration in 2019, it vowed to do more to raise awareness of the issues within its communities and pledged to become net carbon zero by 2030.

Since then it has been working hard to drive down emissions and raise awareness in the community of the issue of climate change and why our coastal borough is particularly vulnerable to its effects.

Cllr Paulette Lappin, Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services, said:

“There are some fantastic projects happening within the council from LED street lighting to agile working which are reducing our emissions significantly as we work towards our goal of net zero carbon by 2030.

“We all have a role to play in protecting our planet, wildlife and each other from the effects of climate change and here in Sefton with our stunning coastline, we are closer to nature than most.

“This World Environment Day we are celebrating our natural and urban landscapes and asking people to stop and think about small changes they can make to keep our borough clean, green and beautiful.”


The Council’s Green Sefton Service is also reminding people about the importance of its special 22-mile coastline which is protected not only nationally, but also internationally, due to the rare flora and fauna found there.


Mark Shaw, Service Manager for Green Sefton said:

“This World Environment Day, we’re reminding people to take their litter home when they visit our beaches as it can be incredibly damaging to the rare species and habitats that we are so lucky to have in Sefton. People should visit our coastline with care, always thinking about the environment around them.

“We’re also encouraging people to consider alternative ways to travel to the coast – via local train, bus, cycling and walking routes. While for those with an electric car or hybrid car, they can receive a reduced seasonal beach car parking ticket as part of measures to encourage the use of more environmentally-friendly transport.”


Green Sefton are also using World Environment Day to remind people that balloon, and sky lantern releases are not permitted anywhere across the Borough. A rise in these sorts of organised events has been reported over recent months causing concerns about their environmental impact.

The mass intentional release of helium filled latex balloons or lanterns pose threats to wildlife and livestock, and in even worse cases, lanterns can also cause injury to humans, damage to buildings and cause false callouts to the coastguard. They can also become a source of litter across Sefton’s coast and greenspaces.

The Council encourages all residents and visitors to our beautiful Borough to help protect its special landscapes and wildlife, and to mark occasions in environmentally friendly ways such as:

  • Jam jar lights can be a safe alternative to sky lanterns and balloon releases. They are environmentally friendly but remember to dispose of the jars properly after, recycling everything you can and try to use LED lights. If you use candles, make sure they are properly extinguished.
  • Bubble release can release thousands of bubbles instead of balloons for a beautiful sky display, just remember to use soaps that are safe for fish and the environment
  • Plant a tree or flowers in your garden if you have one or get in touch with a local charity to plant in the park. They last a lot longer than sky lanterns and balloons, will be good for the environment and can be seen again and again.
  • Memorial stone- People can also make requests to the Council for permanent memorials. In Southport there is an engraved paving stone scheme while more traditional memorial plaques can be requested at the Borough’s three Gardens of Rest or on a bench in one of the Council’s eligible open spaces.