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Green Sefton update on resuming volunteer & community group work

Update from Green Sefton Service Manager Mark Shaw

You will be aware that since the commencement of the National Lockdown back in March 2020 our park buildings have remained closed and a range of other restrictions came into being for parks, open spaces and coastal areas which limited the opportunity for volunteers undertaking work.

Since that time there has been a phased easing of restrictions (most recently Monday 17th May 2021 – Roadmap step 3) permitted by government and, subject to government not imposing further restrictions, we are minded to shortly re-open our buildings to community use and welcome back our volunteers in greater numbers.  

Volunteers Working Outside

Volunteers can now resume working in parks and open spaces but there is a requirement that no more than 30 people can assemble. Therefore, we would ask that you follow some simple rules to keep everyone safe.

  • Whilst undertaking volunteer work and projects please continue to be mindful that Coronavirus remains a risk and take measures to keep safe, following the principal of Hands, Face and Space which is promoted by Public Health.
  • If you intend to undertake volunteer work tasks, please make us aware as you would have done previously. Outdoor events can also be held provided the number of participants does not exceed 30 persons.

Opening of Buildings & Pavilions

In an earlier briefing we asked community groups to provide risk assessments and to complete an application form for booking the use of premises. We are now intending to return to assessing these applications with a view towards opening premises. Once approved people can start making use of pavilions and buildings again but with a maximum of six attendees.

Whilst premises may open, we will still require community groups to:

  • Ensure the rule of 6 is adhered with.
  • Agree times and days of the week when use will be made.
  • Provide a nominated contact (usually the key holders) who will take a lead role in ensuring your members act responsibility.
  • When buildings are open, we would ask that windows and doors are open to maximise ventilation.
  • Unless an exemption applies, we would ask groups continue to ensure members wear a mark and sanitise surfaces before and after meetings or sessions of activity.

As applications were provided to us some considerable time ago it is likely the risk assessments and application forms may require some amendments and updating. We would be pleased if you could resend these forms to us at   

Please mark your email with these attachments as ‘Application to Re-open Premises’ and we would hope to respond within 10 working days offering our agreement to resume use or advising you if we have any continuing queries.

Thank you in advance for supporting efforts to keep everyone safe as steps are taken to ease the restrictions that have been in place.

If you have further queries, please contact us at