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Residents reminded that balloon releases are not permitted in Sefton due to environmental impact

Sefton Council is reminding residents that balloon and sky lanterns releases are not permitted across the Borough. 

As part of the Council’s Climate Change Emergency declaration in 2019, it vowed to do more to protect the environment for future generations and implemented a blanket ban on balloon and lantern releases.

The mass intentional release of helium filled latex balloons and Chinese/sky lanterns pose threats to wildlife and livestock, and in even worse cases, lanterns can also cause injury to humans, damage to buildings and cause false callouts to the coastguard. They can also become a source of litter across Sefton’s coast and greenspaces causing concerns at these often protected sites due to their rare flora and fauna.

The Council encourages all residents and visitors to our beautiful Borough to help protect its special landscapes and wildlife, and to mark occasions in environmentally friendly ways.