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Sefton Council leader, Cllr Ian Maher responds to latest Merseyside COVID restrictions

Responding to yesterday’s announcement by the Secretary of State about new COVID-19 restrictions affecting Sefton and Merseyside Sefton Council Leader, Cllr Ian Maher said:

“While I know resident and businesses across Sefton will be disappointed and worried about the Government’s introduction of these latest additional measures, I am afraid they are a necessary part of halting the ongoing rise of confirmed cases across the region.

“The new measures mean that from one midnight after midnight (Saturday 3rd October), households are banned from mixing in any indoor settings and these restrictions will be enforceable by law and subject to fines.

“This is in addition to the current restriction on people mixing with other households in private homes and gardens and pub gardens although we need clarity as the Minister stated yesterday people could see each other in Parks, yet the official statement issued later said they couldn’t, so which is it?

“The new regulations also mean people should only travel for essential reasons including going to work, school or college and that visits to care homes should still only take place in exceptional circumstances. Additionally, people should not attend sporting events as spectators.

“The 10pm curfew for pubs bars restaurants and cinemas remains in place.

“This news will be a blow to people across Sefton who have made enormous sacrifices and efforts through the pandemic but I would, once again, urge them to follow these new restrictions to protect Sefton’s communities, its vulnerable, its businesses and its economy.

“I would also plead with people not to make the fact that these new measures don’t come into effect until a minute past midnight on Saturday, an excuse to go out and party tonight as they would be putting themselves and their vulnerable relatives at increased risk.

“And, I would urge all members of Sefton’s hospitality industry to make sure they have the measures, including track and trace QR code posters, social distancing and thorough cleaning regimes, in place now.

“Sefton’s residents, communities and businesses have shown already how far they are prepared to go to follow the regulations and protect the most vulnerable people in our Borough.

“I want to thank them again for that effort and for the commitment I am confident they will show in following these new measures.”