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Statement: Crosby Beach mass meditation event

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said: “We received reports of an event having taken place at Crosby Beach where up to 500 people had taken part including swimming in the sea, and a ‘mass meditation’ on the beach.

“We can understand that with its beauty and peacefulness, Crosby Beach would be seen as a great venue for a mass meditation. However, while we appreciate both the physical and mental health benefits such an event can bring for attendees, we do have some concerns about this event, and any future ones which may be planned.

Water safety:

Crosby Beach is not a designated bathing water and so the water quality is not monitored by the Environment Agency, which may mean that the water could contain microbes, such as e-coli, which can be harmful to human health.

“Crosby can be a dangerous beach because of the tidal range of the River Mersey (in excess of 10m, the second highest in the UK). This means that tidal cut off, stranding on sandbanks and patches of soft muds and sand are very real hazards and could easily result in danger to life and the need for rescue by emergency services.

“It is because of this that we have specific advice for event organisers at Crosby Beach. This advice, and the beach signage, is very clear – Stay within 50m of the seawall.

“Anyone wishing to hold an event must apply for permission, including a risk assessment so that we are able to help and guide event organisers to operate in a safe way, in a safe place, and protect wildlife on this protected coastline. The council event booking form for the coast can be found at:

COVID19 pandemic:

“The current Government guidance does not allow us to permit organised events in public places with more than 30 participants, and any event must be COVID secure, taking suitable precautions about social distancing and hygiene practice etc.

“We’re working with the event organisers to address our concerns and ensure anyone attending future events such as this is kept safe, which may mean moving the event to one of the 3 recognised bathing areas along the Sefton Coast.”