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Sefton welcomes opportunity to bid for slice of £3.6bn town funding

Sefton Council is delighted to have received notification that Southport has been included within the Government’s invite list to bid for a share of £3.6b New Towns Funding.

This follows the recent exclusion of any Sefton towns within the Government’s recently announced £1b Future High Streets Fund.

Cllr Marion Atkinson, Sefton Council’s Labour Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills, said: “While we are delighted that we have not been overlooked this time, we look forward to understanding how Southport can actually get its hands on its share of this funding.

“Unfortunately, the announcement stops well short of a guarantee to allocate anything to Southport, moreover it simply offers Sefton Council an invitation to bid, and for a figure of up to a maximum of £25m.

“We intend to put the strongest case forward for consideration by Government noting that the early information encourages focus upon investment in transport, technology, skills and culture. All of which are consistent with our priorities and aspirations contained within the Southport Investment Framework, the Local Plan, and indeed a number of other initiatives being pursued by the Council and with partners such as Southport BID.

“While I am bitterly disappointed our other town centres such as Crosby and Bootle have been overlooked, we will continue to support and encourage opportunities for investment more widely, and will fight for a fair deal for all of our communities and towns centres right across the borough.”