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Who’s In Court: Litter louts fined for dropping rubbish

Litter louts who have been caught irresponsibly disposing of rubbish in Sefton have been convicted in court, leading to fines totaling more than £2,000.

Eight people from Sefton and Lancashire failed to appear at South Sefton Magistrates court this week (Tuesday, October 17) after they were spotted by enforcement officers littering in the borough.

They were found guilty in their absence and each given 28 days to pay a fine.

Magistrates handed out a total of £2,176 worth of fines on the day. These included:

Rachel Colbeck, 31, of Stanley Road, Bootle; fined £272.

Jamie Gretton, 23, of Milton Street, Bootle; fined £272.

David Morris, 30, of Covent Close, Ormskirk; fined £272.

Tegan O’Neill, 20, of Saunders Street, Southport; fined £272.

Steven McIntosh, 46, of Beech Trees, Skelmersdale; fined £272.

Gheorghe Becherescu, 32, of Bedford Road, Birkdale; fined £272.

Melissa Davies, 31 of Bedford Road, Birkdale; fined £272.

Melissa Taylor, 23, of the Corners, Thornton, Cleveleys; fined £272.

A spokesman for Sefton Council said:

“It’s simple. If you drop litter and our enforcement officers catch you, you will be fined £75.

“If you fail to pay and your case goes to court, then the fine can be considerably higher.

“It’s a criminal offence to litter and we will not hesitate to fine those who deliberately make our beautiful borough untidy.

“People need to think twice before just throwing their waste away and court cases like these highlight what can happen if you are caught. Either take it home or use a bin.”

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