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Cllr Ian Maher – Land East of Maghull

Sefton Council has recently received two planning applications for development on a large site known as Land East of Maghull.  

 Like any other planning applications, it will go through the statutory planning process the council is legally obliged to carry out. 

 However, the manner in which these applications have been submitted has both surprised and disappointed the Council.

 Cllr Ian Maher, Labour Leader at Sefton Council, said:

“I am really disappointed in the approach the developers have taken over these planning applications.

 “Sadly, there has been no meaningful dialogue with communities or local councillors before these plans were submitted, which smacks to me of arrogance and a desire to ride roughshod over the views of local people.  

 “While this is bad enough, they have also failed to recognise that these developments must be of good quality and design, preferring instead a rushed application which has no overall coherent masterplan and scant documentation to justify their approach. 

 “Local people are quite rightly concerned about these applications and while the planning process will take its legal course which we have to follow, I want to be assured that these developers understand that we will not stand by and see local people and councillors ignored.  

 “Council officers are already discussing our concerns with the developers and I expect to see a much better approach going forward.”