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Council asking people of Sefton to help shape future of Borough’s housing

The cover of the draft Housing Strategy 2022- 2027Sefton Council is asking people to help shape the future of housing across the Borough.

A consultation, which lasts until Friday 29th July is now underway and details can be found at The feedback will be used to help shape a new, 2022-2027 Housing Strategy .

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More than bricks and mortar

Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said: “Sefton Council knows housing is about more much more than bricks and mortar.

“It’s about people’s homes, which are a vital part of all our lives and have a direct effect on our health, wellbeing, quality of life and the opportunities available to us.

“Our homes need to be secure and safe bases from which we can support and enjoy our families, go about our jobs and education and make the best of our lives and how we want to live them.

“The Council has a key role to play in ensuring that is the case by ensuring the local people’s needs are met through a properly functioning housing market.

“This new Strategy that we want people to help us shape will sets out our vision for housing in the Borough, along with aims and objectives to achieve it.”


Key themes of Sefton Council’s draft Housing Strategy include Improving the quality of housing in the Borough and Providing homes that meet people’s needs.

Enabling people to live independently and Tackling Barriers to Obtaining Suitable Housing and Services for the most vulnerable are also main objectives along with Effectively using council-owned properties and assets to support additional housing.

Sefton Council’s Local Plan includes a commitment to enabling the development of over 11,500 new, high-quality homes across the Borough by 2030. Part of the Council’s plans to meet this target have included the establishment its own housing development company – Sandway Homes Limited.

Social housing

The Council has also registered with the Regulator of Social Housing to become a social housing provider, stock owner and landlord. For the first time since 2006 we will be able to provide Council-owned social housing to our most vulnerable residents with a range of good-quality, affordable homes.

Cllr Hardy added: “Housing affects everyone in Sefton so I would urge people to visit and give us their views.”

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Extending Housing Licensing schemes

Sefton Council is also carrying out a 12-week consulting on plans extend its Housing Licensing schemes for a further five years.

Since March 2018, Sefton Council has had a Selective Licensing scheme for private landlords in the Bootle area. There is also another licensing scheme which is called ‘Additional (HMO) Licensing which is only for houses of multiple occupancy (rented to at least three people, who are not part of the same family) for privately rented property situated in parts of Seaforth, Waterloo, Brighton-Le-Sands and central Southport.

Since introduced Housing Licensing in 2018, serious health and safety hazards – including issues relating to fire safety, electrical hazards, damp & mould and excess cold – have been removed from hundreds of properties.

Find out more and have your say on extending Housing Licensing schemes here.