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Plan your trip to Sefton’s natural coast this Bank Holiday weekend

Our environmentally protected coastline stretches for 22 miles and is a nature haven that offers something for everyone. If you’re thinking of heading to Sefton’s natural coast this weekend, there’s a few things you should know.

Sefton’s wildlife and environmental sensitivity

Visitors are reminded of their role in protecting the landscape by taking litter home and not lighting fires or BBQs anywhere at the coast.

Littering, fires and BBQs can have a detrimental impact on Sefton’s wildlife.

Our natural coast is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna – from the famous Red Squirrels, to the rare Natterjack Toads and Sand Lizards.

The range of dune habitats and rare species found along Sefton’s coast are unique and protected as a site of special scientific interest.

Please do your bit to keep our natural coast clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Travelling to the coast

People should plan ahead to avoid traffic delays and are reminded to park responsibly away from residential areas.

Beach parking is available at Ainsdale-On-Sea and the car park will be open until 7pm over the weekend.

Please be aware Southport beach car park will be closed 29th April – 2nd May due to high tides.

Beach car parking charges for 2022:

  • £8 per day for cars at Southport beach
  • £10 per day for cars at Ainsdale beach
  • £16 per day for horseboxes or minibuses
  • 50% off the above rates after 4pm subject to car parking management arrangements
  • £30 season ticket for Sefton residents and those who drive an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • £60 season ticket for non-Sefton residents

Season tickets can be purchased online by visiting Beach Parking – Seasonal Contract Application (

Those thinking about visiting one of Sefton’s coastal gateways are reminded to travel safely, thinking about ways to walk or cycle where they can.