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Attention Clean Air Crew: Sefton schools urged to join the Airwatch Programme

Schools in Sefton are being offered the chance to join an exciting research programme to understand the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in our atmosphere.

NO2 is produced by most vehicle exhaust pipes and is measured with monitoring tubes in different locations.

Each school on the AirWatch programme will link up with a member of the authorities Environmental Protection team and host diffusion tubes to monitor levels of NO2. They will receive monthly reports as well as educational content and activities to do in class across a wide range of topics.

AirWatch programme schools will also have access to termly campaign toolkits to help pupils influence positive behaviour on the school run to reduce any air quality issues around their school grounds.

Schools will be asked to return the tube every month in a pre-paid envelope and replace it with a new tube so that the team can track changes over a long period.

The AirWatch programme will run from January 2022 to December 2022.

This opportunity is open to 25 schools initially and will run on a first come, first served basis.


Darren Lloyd, Teacher at the Eco Centre said:

“This is fantastic opportunity for young people in Sefton to take part in an exciting project with real world results. The Clean Air Crew project has been a fantastic success with most schools in the authority now signed up – we have established engagement, now we want to foster ownership.

“Good air quality is extremely important to the health of people and the planet and this project will help us to identify those areas where improvements need to be made.

“I am thrilled that local schools will be helping us to gather this data, ultimately this is their planet to inherit and we want them to be learn about this crucial issue as soon as possible.”


Schools can sign up at and log into their account.

From the Teachers’ Area click on the Airwatch link and register your interest. This is the same area where schools will find the resources to support this programme.

If schools are not already signed up to the Clean Air Crew, Sefton schools can register for free & access a wealth of curriculum resources supporting sustainable education for both classroom & home learning.