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Sefton residents urged to donate face coverings to foodbanks

With face coverings becoming compulsory in shops from Friday 24 July, foodbanks across Sefton Borough are now accepting donations of face masks or coverings in addition to other items.

South Sefton Foodbank, Southport Foodbank and Shoreline Foodbank are accepting donations of face coverings using the Foodbank Collection Points in local supermarkets and shops.

Donations could range from disposable masks to homemade coverings, which the Foodbanks will then distribute to their users.

Debbie Shelley Manager at South Sefton Foodbank and Richard Own Chief Executive Officer at Compassions Acts, said: “People are incredibly generous in their donations of food and toiletries to support the foodbank, if amongst the things they would like to donate to us they include face coverings this would be really helpful.”

They added: “We realised that face coverings are not always easy to find and represent an additional cost for people who may already be facing financial challenges. By donating face coverings you will be helping people to access the services they need to support them at this time. We are reliant of the kindness of local people to support the foodbanks in the north and south of the borough. These are challenging  times with more  people using the foodbanks for support, we cannot thank local people enough for their ongoing generosity”.

Face coverings should cover the mouth and nose while still allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably. They can easily be made from things people have at home like an old t-shirt, or by simply tying a scarf or bandana behind your head. You can leave a donation at your local supermarket at the Foodbank collection point.

Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said: “Many vulnerable people in our communities are facing a number of issues and worries at the moment so I am pleased to see this initiative to help ensure masks and face coverings are available to everyone across the Borough.”

She added: “I hope the people of Sefton will continue to show the generosity they have throughout the pandemic and remember to add masks or face coverings to their donations when they visit the supermarket.”

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