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Additional Government funding, ‘remains significantly lower than what is needed’ warns Council Leader.

Responding to an announcement that that Sefton Council will receive an additional £2,569,782 from the government to help pay for its response to the coronavirus, the Council’s leader Ian Maher said today: “We welcome the Government announcement of additional funding for the Council, however, although we have been clear with government like all authorities have, on the level of support that is required, the funding allocated remains significantly lower than what is needed.

“Sefton Council continues to face financial pressures on services for our vulnerable children, families, disabled people and communities, and for all our income losses.

“The Council now needs to take steps to tackle the in-year shortfall and the impact this loss of funding will have on the budget next financial year, and beyond, meaning our communities are again being asked to compensate for a lack of government support.”