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Have your say on the state of Sefton’s roads

Sefton Council is encouraging anyone who uses the borough’s roads and footpaths to take part in a survey before September 30. 

The consultation has been extended so that residents and visitors alike can still have their say on a wide range of issues, including the condition of the roads, street lighting, traffic congestion, pollution and the right of way network.

The local authority is asking participants to not only highlight issues, but also suggest improvements and what they feel the priorities should be on roads and highways in 2018 and beyond.

 Cllr. John Fairclough, Cabinet Member for Locality Services, said:

 “The biggest community resource we have at Sefton Council is our road network, it is the  lifeblood of our local economy and communities – it is important that we get it right for everyone.

 “I really want as many road users, including pedestrians, to come forward and complete the survey so give us a wide range of views”

“You do not have to live in Sefton to take part – this is for anyone and everyone who uses our road network. Your views matter to us and will definitely influence how we deliver our road network in the future”

 The survey can be found online and is titled ‘Transportation and Highway Infrastructure Services 2017’

 Alternatively, you can complete a paper copy and return it by the closing date of Saturday, September 30.

 To get a copy of the survey in a different format, please email or call 0151 934 3375.

You’ve used your vote, so take good care of it

A guest blog by Joanne Lee, Sefton CVS

So, I wake up and send my mate Richard a Snapchat story from last night, even though we went see Derren Brown together.

Take care of your vote
It’s boring I know, but make sure you’ve had one of these!

Then a quick scroll through the craziness of Twitter, as I do every day, see that the world is completely mad, but 2017 has been one of those hasn’t it? Has it always been like this?

Anyway, I digress. There is a point to all this!

Like any routine, and being starved of tech for nearly three months, I slipped straight into my social apps when I touched down on my flight from Liberia* in May.

It turned out I had the small matter of a general election to vote in. Britain, I can’t leave you alone for 3 months!

Before I voted I had to deal with a major comedown – Liberia was monumental, life changing, all of those clichés!

The buzz of seeing my mates, a promotion at work, jaunts to Scandinavia and Hamburg, soon wore off (I still can’t get Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl out of my head though).

While all this was going I was sorting out somewhere to live.

Oh, and that general election. I voted in 2015 so I didn’t have to worry about registering. Right? Wrong! The electoral register still had me at my old address and I hadn’t signed the papers on my new place.

I actually panicked (for five minutes), which probably seems weird to you. I’m not one of the disaffected millennials that you read about in the press, but even my mates who aren’t politico geeks were fired up for this election, so no way was I missing out.

It turned out I needn’t have worried and my details were updated as soon as I signed my rental papers and could confirm my new address details. Phew!

Yes that’s right, if you’ve changed address without updating your records on the electoral register, or haven’t updated your details at your current address in the last 3 years, you won’t be able to vote when the next election comes around. And who knows when that will be?

If you’re at uni, you can be registered at two addresses, but if you want to vote in a general election, need to decide which of those addresses you will vote at and stick to that polling station. 

Updating your records is really easy to do online. If it’s only to confirm that the details haven’t changed, just send a text to 80212 or call 0800 197 9871 Make sure that you use the reference number on the mail out you have received in the post, which I am clearly overjoyed to be holding (see picture above).

If you haven’t received the form, contact Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 or by email

So, that point I wanted to make? If, like a lot of my friends you were finally fired up to get off your backsides in June, a vote is for life not just for elections. You need to take good care of it. If you don’t look after it, you won’t have a voice.

Your vote matters, don’t lose it

The 2017 General Election saw a huge increase in voter turnout, both nationally and locally.

Following these gains, Sefton Council is again contacting local residents to make sure they do not lose their vote.

All households in Sefton have been sent an Electoral Registration Form for them to provide up-to-date information of who is living at the property.

This will ensure their information is correct on the electoral register.

 Cllr Paulette Lappin, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Services said: “The reason this form is so important as not only does it make sure people can vote in local and national elections, but it also gives them the opportunity to register to vote for the first time.

“In particular, those who have changed address or students living at more than one address may have quite a shock when it comes to voting.

“Even if they have registered already, their vote is invalid if new details have not been provided.”

Jill Coule, Head of Regulation and Compliance at Sefton Council, added: “I urge everyone who sees this form to read it carefully and respond to it.

“Even if your details have not changed, if you do not confirm this within three years, you will automatically be removed from the register and lose your right to vote.

“If there has been no change in your circumstances, it is as straightforward as making a phone call or sending a text.

“You should also return an updated form if the previous occupier is registered to the address or if the property is empty”

To update the register with any changes, residents should visit Sefton’s household response website with the  with the code provided on their form, or sign and post the form to the address provided.

If there are no changes in circumstances, residents can call freephone on 0800 197 9871 or text their security code to 80212.

If no form has been received, residents should contact Electoral Services at Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 or by email

Walk a mile in your shoes for MacMillan

Local residents are being asked to walk a mile in their shoes and raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.  MacMillan Mile Southport

Organised in partnership by The MacMillan Mile takes place 14 September, 6pm at Victoria Park in Southport, with anyone able to take part.

Participants can walk, jog or run the mile and entry is free, but you need to register first.

To find out more, please contact Active Lifestyles on 0151 934 2352.




Young leaders are Champions of mental health


Young people from Sefton and Liverpool are leading the way towards better mental health for them and their peers. 

Those age 13-18 years make up the Neurochampions – a group who recently delivered an eight week mental health workshop to their peers with support from leading scientists, youth workers and researchers.  Young leaders tackle mental health

The workshops covered the full spectrum of well being and mental health support, taking a closer look at young people’s brains, emotions, wellness and behaviours. 

The group gained new experiences and skills in digital and traditional media, along the way learning practical production and digital skills to create their own videos, animations and more!

Each session drew on their own personal experiences and developed their confidence and leadership skills.

Cllr Trish Hardy, Cabinet Member for Communities at Sefton Council said:

“The Neurochampions have helped young people from lots of different backgrounds to learn something about themselves. 

“The variety of those taking part reflects the way that mental health can affect us all. Working with experts and developing digital skills for their future has clearly given these young people aspirations, which I hope will lead to further success” 

Neurochampions is a programme that equips young people with the knowledge and skills  to become effective leaders in mental health. 

Abbie was one of Sefton’s young people who took part in the Neurochampions workshop:

To find out more about the work of the Neurochampions, visit their website. 

To find out more about services to support young people age 11-21 years in Sefton, visit the Sefton Youth website 


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