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Carriageway Surface Dressing Programme 2016/17

Sefton Council is informing residents about problems in the surfacing materials recently applied to road across the borough.

 The treatment, which is designed to seal the existing road surface from the ingress of water and protect its underlying structural layers from further deterioration, is applied along with stone chippings to improve the level of skid resistance.

 Unfortunately since its application August 2016, a number of the treated roads have failed and will need to be repaired.

 The Council is working with its surfacing contractor to determine the cause of the problems and all costs associated with the repairs will be met by them.

 Surfacing dressing can only be applied between the months of May and August due to the warmer weather and therefore Sefton Council’s contractor will be undertaking mechanical sweeping as an interim measure.

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “We would like to apologise to local residents and assure everyone that the failed works will be rectified at no cost to the Council.”

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